A New Millisecond Pulsar Catalogue

800px-Pulsar_schematic.svgTriggered by an idea of J. Hessel while I was working at ASTRON, I decided to create a new pulsar catalogue that includes all radio, gamma and accreting millisecond pulsars known. The list is updated but of course omissions and mistakes are certainly possible. So please if you notice a mistake submit a correction by using the contact form on the pulsar catalogue webpage.

This catalogue has been compiled by merging the information of three different catalogues already present on the web (P. Freire, D. Lorimer and the ATNF Catalogue) and by integrating it with red-backs, black-widows (thanks Mallory Roberts !) and accreting millisecond pulsars parameters taken from two different papers. Links to the resources can be found on the pulsar catalogue page.

I hope you will find it useful. If you’d like to see different fields in the table please let me know. Go now to the pulsar catalogue !


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