One thought on “Vacancies in My Group

  1. Dear Dr. Alessandro Patruno,

    Is it possible to start a fresh PhD after long time? I did my M.Sc in
    Physics in 2006, and since then did scientific job in astro-physics.
    I am 31 years old.
    About my academic record, I have three published papers and a
    ongoing (a best poster award in a conference). In M.Sc (physics)
    I had GPA 6.6/10 and grade A (and 9/10 in M.Sc thesis project).

    We have a paper (published in ApJ) during my Post-M.Sc project
    with Prof. Banibrata Mukhopadhyay on the Search for Chaos in
    Neutron Star Systems: Is Cyg X-3 a Black Hole? We analysed
    RXTE/PCA data to understand the nature accretion disk system.

    I cordially request you to provide me an opportunity to pursue my
    PhD program in your group. I am from Calcutta, India. Should I
    apply? Looking forward to receiving your reply.

    Jayanta Dutta
    IISc, India
    +91 9830691024

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