High Energy Astrophysics 2020

High Energy Astrophysics.

R&L = Rybicki & Lightman

G = Ghisellini



Material to study: most of chapter 1 on R&L (or G).




Material to study: 1.5 from R&L. Use also the Rosseland approximation document above (but also the treatment on the R&L is fine, section 1.8). For the special relativity part, the I recommend to look at the book from Ghisellini, which I am following more closely (for tihs part at least). See chapter 3 in his book.

I recommend also doing the following tests:

Test 1

You can send me your answers before tomorrow and I will give you feedback before the end of the next lecture.

I recommend also doing the following exercises:

Exercises 1


I marked with “red” the title of slides which are there only for a quick recap, no need to look at them if you remember the content from previous courses.

The PDF is the same used in class, the pptx shows the animations missing.

Lecture 3 (PDF format)

Lecture 3 (pptx format, with animations)

Test 2

Exercises 2

Material to study: I recommend Chapter 3 of Ghisellini for the material on special relativity. For Bremsstrahlung, you can follow the R&L, but also Ghisellini is fine (the example spectra are taken from his book). Longair contains a nice derivation with the small angle scattering (some pics are from there).


Lecture 4  (pptx with animations)

Lecture 4  (PDF)

Test 3

Exercises 3

Material to study: From the R&L 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.6, 6.7. Read only the 6.8, just a qualitative understanding on why the spectral index of self-absorbed radiation is not equal to 2.




Test 4

Exercises 5

Material to study: most of the material is in Chapter 7 on the R&L (however pay attention to what has been said in class and what can be left out). Several plots are also taken from the book of Ghisellini, which I recommend especially for this comptonization lecture.


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